Debbie LoJacono-Vasquez

Mom, software architect, product manager, engineer, science geek, artist, loyal trustworthy friend. I'm mostly a tender hearted, open minded, transparent, free thinking, over talking goofball. My children are my main passion in my life (13yr old boy, 8yr old girl). I love tech gadgets, cognitive sciences/AI, neurosciences, natural language processing, theoretical physics, world religions, biomedical science, watching films, documentaries, learning from intelligent and wise people, painting & sculpting, graphic arts, design, systems development, NPR, and drink the finest coffee, red wine, tequila or chi tea. A traditional mom, I am not - don't cook, clean, sew, PTO or do laundry (my monthly bill is huge). But I am trying my hand at Indian, African and Asian cooking and so far, its been yummy. I've been working in the information technology field for over 25 years. I started off as a database programer and now design, plan, and manage the development of complexed device and cloud based information systems in the telecommunications industry. I am driven by progressive, ever improving technologies and systems (human systems of thought and practice). So I guess you could call me progressive or even bleeding edge (early adopter). I have been re-energized by my career in the past decade by Agile methodologies as a way to harness team thinking (wisdom of crowds) and propel the speed of collaborative innovation. I watch a ton of documentaries, audio read non-fiction and take online courses to feed my passion for innovation and the pursuit of knowledge. But alas, I am not really a complete robot geek. Im kind of a soft squishy human. While, nicknamed in my home - mama pajama, I am a playful nutcase of a mom and very connected to my free spirited kids (emotionally, physically and electronically - we have too many tech toys). My kids and animals all kindly put up with me in our funky fun apartment in Barton Hills area of Austin, TX. I spend most of my free time watching films, hanging out with neighbors, doing some art project, obsessively studying some knowledge interest on the web, hiking, biking, camping and generally being in nature - caring for animals, hippie dippie dancing/yoga stuff, and most of all loving on and playing with my kids.

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